Life is temporary but the messages we leave last forever .

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Preserving our legacy,history,memory,essence,stories,recipes for those we cherish

Memories Made Simple

Our lives last for only a limited time, but we have the opportunity to leave a piece of ourselves for our loved ones that lasts forever. With Life’s Final Thoughts you can leave thoughtful video messages behind for your loved ones for when you are no longer here.

Memories Made Simple

  • Intuitive and easy to use application

  • Videos that release at the appropriate time

  • Memories that last forever

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My dad was a World War II decorated pilot and when I was only 3, he was on a training mission that cost my dad his life.  I would give every penny I have and everything I own just to see a short video of my Dad and, get to hear his voice.  Do I talk and sound like him?  If I had something like LFT I would know.  Outstanding idea!!!!!

One of my best friends from high school died from cancer and it was sudden.  I was devastated by her life ending and immediately, I got my cell phone out and recorded my “life’s final thoughts” video so just in case anything should happen my husband, my 3 year old little boy, my family and friends I care so much about would hear my words I wanted them to hear if I knew tomorrow was my last day on earth.

I have 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and when I was first introduced to this video platform I couldn’t get my video done fast enough.  It is now uploaded into LFT and stored until the day God takes me home and then those who are closest to me will get to see my video at my funeral.  How great will that be, I am physically gone, yet I get the last word at my funeral/memorial.  Pretty darn cool.  I love this platform!

When I saw this App I honestly thought I am too young to need to create a video for my final thoughts about life….well that was, until my wife completed her’s and then she said “you are going to do a video, if not for me, for our kids”…..Ok was all I said and I did.  When I listened to it play back I thought, “that is very good”, “I am so glad I did that”!

We had only been married for 14 months and my husband had invested in this technology platform and he was returning home from California and said “I am going to get my recording completed this weekend”.  The problem was that he suffered a stroke at 50, which led to a car accident, which led to ICU and he never gained consciousness again.  I did not have any video message from Jeff, this one he planned to do was stopped short.  My advice to everyone – Don’t wait another minute everyone has a story to tell a loved one, family member or close friend and we never know the day nor the hour when our race is finished.

I love what I do and I know it can be tough on my wife and kids not being able to know where I am in the world and the types of mission we agree to carry out.  So, when another Team member told me about this App, I looked it up, purchased it and completed the message that I would want played if something were to go wrong.  I told my teammate “that box is checked”!!

What Makes us different?

Simplicity. Our goal is to provide simple tools to share yourself and impact your loved ones for generations to come.

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In order to share memories, you must first purchase a video or a package. Want to create one video for all? Great! Prefer to create individual personalized videos to members of your family or loved ones? Purchase a package and get creating! And remember, it is always free for your connections to view your videos once they are released!

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