Video Tips

What’s the best way to ensure your video looks and sounds good? Check out these tips!

  • Get a phone stand (can have a light ring) from Amazon and have an automatic start/stop button for ease of using your phone.

  • Most times you don’t need additional lighting unless filming in a dark room.

  • You can record through the App or you can record outside the App and upload into the App – it’s up to you!

  • Start with mentally thinking about those who would be in attendance to honor your life – smile – they are your friends and loved ones.

  • Look into the camera when you’re speaking and start by thanking your recipients for watching.

  • If you are a jokester type person you might joke about you being in front of them talking when in reality you have left this world for what awaits you.

  • If you are a serious person then you might say something like: I know can you believe I am still here talking to all of you? Technology is amazing.

  • You might share something interesting about you or your life that most might not know – people love “a story”.

  • NO ONE will critique you as you are gone so please have fun and just speak from your heart to people who truly care about you and your family

  • Talk about your faith if that is important to you.

  • There you were born as some may not know, yet find it interesting.

  • Tell the stories of how you first met your loved one.

  • Don’t like it – erase it. Shoot as many takes as you need!

  • Be creative and simply BE YOURSELF!

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